From the fundamentals of anatomical drawing to the potential of gaming – Glassworks Amsterdam’s art director explores his creative anima with Laura Swinton

For Hugo Rodriguez Rodriguez, creativity takes the form of a voracious, insatiable curiosity. Like a wildfire, it takes in everything – drawing, painting, animation, CG, motion design, concepting.

That spark ignited when Hugo was a child, growing up in Madrid. A hyperactive kid, drawing was the only thing that seemed to calm him down. And when he wanted to let rip with his friends, he’d make videos of them skateboarding and mess around with cables and connectors as they started to form teenage bands. Of course, growing up in Madrid, it was perhaps inevitable that creativity would fuel. Hugo talks enthusiastically about Spain’s artistic heritage and Madrid’s wealth of world class galleries and museums.

El Prado is a favourite of his, as is the museum devoted to the artist Joaquin Sorolla in the center of the spirit. “It shows where the master of light developed his art,” says Hugo. “It is truly inspiring.” The thing is, while Hugo is skilled in cutting edge animation and CG technology, he’s also a creative who appreciates studying the classics and making sure the fundamentals are down. Indeed, anatomical and academic drawing is a long-standing passion of his. It was the chance to be taught by the artist Amaya Gurpide that drew him to New York. The experience had a profound impact on Hugo, far from home for the first time. But it also turns out that this experience with anatomical drawing has also proven a valuable foundation as an animator – and it’s something he recommends that any aspiring animator should consider brushing up these skills.

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