VFX Producer

Glassworks Amsterdam is looking for VFX producers to join our team!

Glassworks is an award-winning visual effects company with creative studios in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona. With over 20 years of experience, and work ranging from commercials, films, music videos, digital media, experiential and emerging technologies, our studios house a passionate and talented team of which you would be a part of.

As a VFX Producer at Glassworks, you are ultimately responsible for leading teams in creative pitches, and then winning and producing live projects. Using your network of clients, you should feel comfortable sourcing new business, and maintaining all aspects of project management within the department. You are responsible for supporting the highest level of creative on all projects and for delivering jobs on time and on budget.

The ideal candidate possesses a minimum of 5 years experience in a similar role in the VFX industry, as well as excellent client skills, a high level of technical and creative understanding of the full spectrum of the advertising and visual effects process, which will allow you to inspire understanding and confidence both in clients and your team. Your knowledge of the post production pipeline should help you foresee potential problems before they arise and organize our teams in an effective and sustainable manner.

You will be actively involved in the line-production of projects and therefore must possess excellent organisational and communication skills with the ability to plan ahead to anticipate potential problems before they arise. You will be an ambassador for the company, maintaining positive morale and representing Glassworks within our client base.

The VFX Producer is responsible for all aspects of producing live client projects, including tasks such as:

  • Quote new work (understand what is required, gather estimates from relevant artists, double-check/cross reference, create quotes)
  • Scheduling
  • Understand and maintain shared department documentation
  • Negotiating with freelancers on rates
  • Report to the COO and Management Team about any potential problems or project conflicts in a timely manner, before they arise
  • Be decisive in finding effective problem-solving solutions
  • Receive clients to the office, and oversee live sessions, including all levels of customer service and reacting quickly and efficiently to changes as they happen
  • Be aware of the PR value of your projects, and to maintain close contact with the communications manager, facilitating efficient and timely marketing of valuable projects
  • Have confident and clear client skills. Be comfortable making and receiving requests, and dealing with clients face to face
  • Have a clear understanding of the departments within Glassworks, what they are responsible for, what software they use, and how they fit within the post-production pipeline
  • Good understanding of the external advertising pipeline; the role of the creatives, producers, production companies, and other post-production elements (edit, sound, digital, print etc.)
  • Be an effective team player, calm under pressure, as well as capable of managing multiple tasks

If you feel you could be the right candidate, please send your CV to recruitment@glassworksamsterdam.nl (with the subject “VFX Producer Candidate - Your name”).

We look forward to working with you!