A Monster Calls – Tale 2

Glassworks Barcelona is glad to present the two tales created for the film A Monster Calls by the acclaimed director J. A. Bayona. Together with Headless Productions, an animation studio from Barcelona, our aim was to create something new and visually outstanding. Both pieces had to be linked with the paintings made by Conor, the main character in the movie, and they should also be integrated in his artistic universe, which meant a technical and creative challenge for us.

For the first tale we used a technique closer to watercolor that has a less realistic design, it’s more flattered and has no textures. The second one is closer to stop motion or miniature, and despite it preserves some craftwork feeling in the painting, some elements have more volumen to make their transition to the real world a bit more organic.

As there were images not created by Glassworks Barcelona intertwined in the tales, we’ve chosen a black and white effect to distinguish the ones not owned by us.

Hope you enjoy them!

If you want to know more about these animated sequences, you can check the making of here: https://vimeo.com/204207639

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GW Executive Producers
Xavi Tribó
David Gómez
Ignacio Muñoz

Creative Technical Director
Javier Verdugo

VFX Supervisor
David Gómez

Talent Recruiter
Joan Amat

GW Producer
Sonia Figuera

VFX Lead
Marco Rossi

3D Animation Lead
Hugo García

3D Artists
Álvaro Gascó
Andrea Giordano
Anthony Vincent
Carlos Cortés
Cat Harris
Daniel Buhigas
David Llopis
Eric Moliner
Ferran Llàcer
Frankie de Leonardis
Gerard Casas
Gerardo del Hierro
Gergely Woostsch
Iván Costarrossa
Jean Vincent Sales
Joan Buhigas
José Luis Estefanía
José Manuel Linares
Kiko Navarro
Kornel Makarowicz
Leire Martín
Llorenç Borràs
Miquel Campos
Salva Borrego
Simon Glas

Digital Compositors
Àlex Blasco
Aurelio Pozas
Carlos de la Sotilla
Daniel López Izquierdo
Edu León
Edu Puertas
Ian Sargent
Pau Minguell
Rubén Llusià

Maria Shovkoplyas
Dani Granado
Clàudia Barbal

IT Manager
Xavi Tribó

IT Support
Washington Neira