CICLOPE 2017 - 'The One Eyed Creatures'



'The One Eyed Creatures'

Curated and directed by Hugo Rodriguez at Glassworks Amsterdam, this effortlessly simplistic styled film was specially created for the opening animation sequence for the Ciclope Festival annual Berlin awards ceremony, October 2017.

Hugo Rodriguez scripted an adaptation of the Cyclops and the Mythology stories; CICLOPE - THE ONE EYED CREATURES, of where it came from and how it came to be.

Inspired by the tale about Gaia and Uranus, and the union between the earth and the sky, ultimate in the birth of three brothers. Rodriguez’s narrative of events start from the ‘beginning’ alluding to the conception, birth, showing the growth of the three cyclops to then developing into ‘makers’ and ‘craftspeople’ as the mythology text perceives.

Hugo Rodriguez Rodríguez

Hugo Rodriguez Rodríguez
Hugo is an Art Director / Visual Developer based in our
Amsterdam studio