David Bowie Is 'Sound & Vision'

On the occasion of the arrival of David Bowie Is exhibition to Barcelona, our friends from CANADA directed and filmed a short film tribute to the artists’ legacy. An oneiric creation that Glassworks Barcelona had the pleasure to postproduce.

A multilingual dialogue, an enigmatic atmosphere and an unusual scenario, end up in a piece riddled of subtle references to Bowie’s work. An oblique and delicate approach, where nothing is coincidental and where all the elements dance to the rhythm of “Sound and Vision”.

The final result is a story that gives off equally fantasy and everyday nature, capable of bringing together apparently opposite worlds. We invite you to discover bowies’ hidden hints in this magical labyrinth.

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Written and Directed by CANADA
Produced by CANADA


VFX Executive Producer: Joan Amat
VFX Supervisor: Rubén Llusià, Javier Verdugo
Lead 2D: Rubén Llusià
Flame Assist: Dani Granado
Lead 3D: Javier Verdugo
3D Artists: Marco Rossi, Kiko Navarro, Nico Zarza
Matchmover: Igor Gouziev
Colorist: Yulia Bulashenko

Songs: “Sound & Vision” Written and Performed by David Bowie – Courtesy of RZO Music, “Sound & Vision 2013” Written and Performed by David Bowie – Courtesy of RZO Music