Starling Bank - 'Feel Good About Money'



'Feel Good About Money'

'Feel Good About Money', focuses on Starling’s commitment to give people the tools they need to feel confident and in control of their finances.
The 30-second advert opens on a small business owner starting her day, setting up her food truck under the gaze of a starling bird. The bird takes flight and is joined by others, eventually forming a spectacular murmuration through beautiful countryside and impressive cityscapes, catching the attention of the people it passes by. It closes in on the entrepreneur, confidently and happily running her business in the heart of her community - powered by Starling Bank.

Advertiser: Starling Bank
Agency: Ekstasy

Creative Director: Matt Simpson, Ronnie Vlcek
Film Production: Ekstasy
Director: Eduardo Vieitez
Cinematographer: Hákon Pálsson