Torino - Il Dolce Della Vita

Glassworks Amsterdam unlocks the secret world of Torino - Il Dolce Della Vita premium chocolates.

Glassworks Amsterdam’s director Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser curates a magical story which begins at the back of a mundane and typical tram scene of commuters on the way to work, igniting into something extraordinary.

Taking us on a journey through the carriage, the Glassworks visual effects team spark a whimsical, and surreal tram ride, revealing more and more of the ‘fantastical world of Torino - Il Dolce Della Vita' campaign.


Glassworks Team
Director: Ruediger Kaltenhauser
Managing Director: Rick Naude
Senior Producer: Lauren Loftus
2D Lead VFX Supervisor: Kyle Obley
2D Artist(s): Kyle Obley, Hugo Rodriguez
3D Lead VFX Supervisor: Darren Macpherson
3D Artist(s): Ruediger Kaltenhauser, Darren Macpherson, Timothy Bolland, Callum Austin
Colourist: Matt Hare

Director of Photography: Job Kraaijeveld
Photography: Dmitry Peretrutov
Editor: Ben Putland
Sound Design: Boris Salchow

Chocolat Camille Bloch SA
CEO: Daniel Bloch
Marketing/Verkaufsdirektor: Heinz Reber
Brand Manager: Fabienne Leuenberger
Senior Project Manager: Olivier Guenot

Serviceplan Suisse AG
Executive Creative Director of SP Suisse: Raul Serrat
Copywriters: Jan Krohn/Andres Hornung
Stv. Creative Direction: Reto Clement
Art Direction: Cinthia Stettler
Art Director: Nicolas Vontobel
Creative Direction Online: Thomas Luber
Consultation: Nathalie Jakober/Sarah Schuler

Neverest GmbH & co KG
Senior Producer: Jochen Hirt
Jr Producer: Alexandra Junginger

Producer: Yvonne Knook
Production Manager: Laura Hannewijk